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The team behind Boiling Frog:


Hugh Martin served in the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards and UK Special Forces (R), latterly commanding his Squadron.  Since leaving the army, he has implemented well over 130 training courses for supranational organisations as well as providing security management services in many post-conflict countries across the world.  In 2008 he led the launch of a service to combat piracy and in 2009 he founded his own business Hawki Worldwide a company that offers bespoke risk management solutions, and in 2010 founded Boiling Frog.  Hugh has travelled extensively including Far East, China, Australia & New Zealand, North & South America, Europe, Africa, Middle East, plus many Pacific & Indian Ocean Islands.  Hugh is married to Lucy, a member of the first all women team to walk to the Geographic North Pole in 1997.  In 1999-2000, Hugh and his wife Lucy won The Millennium Round The World Yacht Race, Hugh as skipper, on a Farr 65.


Ben Soames is an ex Royal Marine who has served in Kosovo and the Gulf War 2003, and subsequently was also involved at a senior level in a highly significant project with the US Department of Defence.  After successfully completing the mission in 2005, he worked in other regions of the world, both on land and at sea (including anti-piracy operations), specialising in high-risk environments.  By 2007 Ben had developed a unique network of like-minded professionals with a broad skill set, and he turned his focus to providing clients, including the EU and the UN, with the training they needed to work in potentially hostile areas.  Ben continues to work in many of the most dangerous parts of the world, helping to ensure the safety of everyone from politicians to senior figures within industry.


Dr Peter King-Lewis a leading GP with a broad range of medical experience who cares for people of all ages, including babies and children.  His GP practice is the King-Lewis Family Practice.  Peter served for ten years in the Royal Navy both as a submariner and Diving Officer.  He left the Navy to study Medicine at St. Bartholomew's Hospital before returning to the Navy for a period to work in Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine, during which he was responsible for the emergency and primary care of 400 personnel on extended deployment in foreign waters.  He is trained in Acupuncture and deals with patients of all ages, including babies and young children, as well as all matters of mind, body and spirit.


Ashley Scott is Head of Training and Consultancy Services for the Oxfordshire Ambulance NHS Trust.  He has developed medical training programmes for organisations such as the Thames Valley Police Tactical Firearms Unit, Oxfam and the Fire Service, which included bespoke courses for personnel working in Africa, the Middle East and Asia.  Ashley served in the Parachute Regiment as a front line soldier for ten years in Northern Ireland, Oman, Belize and Kenya.  In the latter half of his military career, he re-trained and became the Regimental medic.