Business Review Europe: hottest business travel apps that no business man or woman can do without

About the App

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The app has been designed to present the information in audio for easily listening as well as text with useful ‘i’ info icons to explain in topics in more detail, plus useful videos to demonstrate salient ideas.  The ‘Quiz’ tests your knowledge while the ‘My Trips’ and ‘Tools’ section is designed for assist you while travelling.


There are 5 sections, Travel, First Aid, Quiz, My Trips, Tools.


The ‘Travel’ section helps planning before you travel, as well giving advice for your safety on various methods of transport, accommodation, sightseeing as well as tips for student travellers and travellers in more hostile regions.


The ‘First Aid’ section provides essential knowledge for dealing with casualties.  The ‘introduction’ and ‘preparation’ sections prepare you in advance of useful techniques.  The comprehensive ‘incidents flow diagram’ assists your decision process in dealing with an incident right now; there is advice on what to do for various types of ‘ailments’, and what those popular ‘medicines’ are for.


The two ‘Quizzes’ test your knowledge and good luck!


‘My Trips’ has 3 sections: the ‘personal info’ allows you to input and save useful data including passport, driving licence, health and finance info.  The ‘packing list’ has a selection of template items you may want to take with you.  ‘Current trips’ allows you to personalise and save your itinerary and create your own packing lists for each of you own specific trips.


‘Tools’ has a handy picture dictionary, a quick reference of all the video and audio within the app plus the app intro video, terms and conditions, the website link to, your verification code and the Boiling Frog Story.


Safe travels from the Boiling Frog team.