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Travelling, whether it’s for business or pleasure, can be quite stressful – especially if you happen to get injured along the way. Thankfully, there’s now an application, affectionately known as Boiling Frog, which claims to provide you with all the travel info you’ll ever need.

Once you’ve downloaded Boiling Frog from BlackBerry App World and boot it up there’s a nice little introductory video that informs you of the purpose of the application, which is to provide you with all the information you’ll ever need whilst travelling.

In terms of layout, the app is fairly well designed and features a lot of orange. The different aspects of the application are easy to navigate and access. Upon opening the application you have five options: Travel, First Aid, Quiz, My Trips and Tools.

Opening up Travel takes you into another menu, which basically informs you about everything from packing to what to do if you’re caught in a gunfight – in this sense, it’s pretty extensive.

There’s also a picture dictionary, video content and interviews and useful hints and tips, like how to pack and what’s essential. Whether or not we’d actually use this application whilst travelling though is another matter. We did have fun reading it though and also learnt a few things during testing that might, one day, save someone’s life.