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What makes Boiling Frog better value than any other travel and first aid App?

This App offers amazing depth and up-to-date travel, health and first aid advice plus a picture dictionary to help you out when you don’t speak the local language.  Every bit of advice comes from professionals – meaning that Boiling Frog is the closest you can get to having your own friendly team of experts with you 24/7.

Is Boiling Frog easy to use?

Yes.  Boiling Frog is packed with information and is presented in several easy to follow ways – as text, audio, video clips, animation and pictures – making the App both accessible and user-friendly.

Why should I buy Boiling Frog?

Boiling Frog will help you save time, give you good ideas and get you out of tricky situations or, better still, avoid them in the first place.  It provides practical advice wherever you are in the world and has hundreds of tips, any one of which could save you a whole lot more than the cost of the App.  Boiling Frog has been designed to help everyone from gap year students and families going on a typical holiday to businessmen visiting high-risk areas and even explorers travelling to remote regions.

How useful will Boiling Frog really be?

Extremely useful – Boiling Frog provides immediate answers to all the most common travel and health problems and gives you practical advice on how best to cope with a wide range of incidents and emergencies.  Boiling Frog’s ‘My Trips’ facility also allows you to create a personal info section to personalize your own itinerary, packing lists, and check lists.  On iPhones and Android phones, you can even email the lists to a friend to create your own instant back-up and as reassurance in the event of an emergency.

Is the advice on Boiling Frog reliable?

Yes.  The team behind the App includes an ex Special Forces officer, an ex Royal Marine, a leading GP and a specialist on first aid in the field – so yes, it’s about as reliable as you can get.

Is all the advice relevant to me?

The App is designed to cater for a wide variety of travelers, countries and experiences, so not all of Boiling Frog’s advice will be relevant to you all of the time.  The advantage is that wherever you are and whatever situation you are in, you will always be able to find information that will help.  You should follow the advice you think is appropriate to your situation and where you are traveling to.  Take as much or as little of the advice as you want but remember ‘prior preparation prevents pitiful poor performance’!

Will Boiling Frog really help if someone is seriously hurt?

Yes.  With easy-to-follow information on how to treat a casualty, backed up by short videos and clear flow diagrams, Boiling Frog has been designed to give you accessible advice on how to respond to serious incidents – from a bad traffic accident to a gunshot wound – as well as minor injuries.