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Boiling Frog App
Travel & First Aid advice to travelers worldwide




Boiling Frog provides travel and first aid advice to travelers worldwide whether you are at home, work, on a family vacation, a business trip or even an expedition. The advice is to provide you with relevant, useful and safe information that you can use on every trip.


TRAVEL: hostile/remote regions, driving, communication, bars/restaurants, student traveling

FIRST AID: treating a casualty, incident flow diagram, treatment of ailments, medicines

QUIZ: test yourself!

MY TRIPS: personalise your own trip, itinerary and packing lists

TOOLS: universal picture dictionary, video and audio

and a whole lot more...


"Best for Holiday SOS - it's like having Jack Bauer in your pocket" - News of the World


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  Boiling Frog Story

The boiling frog story is a widespread anecdote.  If a frog is placed in boiling water, it will jump straight out but, if it is placed in cold water which is slowly brought to the boil, the frog won't sense the danger it's in until it's too late.  In the same way we can often miss the warning signs when things gradually happen around us that could put us at risk.  So the lesson here is to avoid being the boiling frog.